5 Sep 2013

#INFOGRAPHIC: Responsive Design "Getting It Right"

The key to catching a visitor’s eye and keeping that window wide open (and pointed at your page) lies in responsive design. The marketplace is quickly becoming a very significant part of a post-PC world, and as more users get their news, enjoy entertainment, and make purchases with tablets and smartphones, making sure your web site is designed to meet their ever-evolving needs is critical. It’s all about keeping the features visitors want, and none of the things they don’t. There’s no room for clunky graphics, confusing navigation, or pages locked into desktop-only resolutions. Mobile users want their Internet lean, clean, and sized for their screen.
The potential rewards for making more out of less are substantial. With more than 2.1 billion mobile broadband subscribers as potential customers, economy of expression and maximum interactivity are paramount; the best design may just be the one boasting the greatest interactivity and the fewest “designer touches.”

This Infographic is published by WhoIsHostingThis.

Responsive Design "Getting It Right"
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