5 Sep 2013

#Path Goes Pro: Adds Premium Subscription Plan

Private social network Path has released an update for its iOS and Android apps that it says will give its more than 20 million users more control over capturing and sharing of moments. Included in this release are three features: private sharing, inner circle, and a $14.99 annual premium subscription model.
In some way, it appears that founder and CEO Dave Morin may have dug back into his Facebook roots when you think about what private sharing and an inner circle really is about. What these features do is further dissect the 150 friends you have on Path and segments them into a further group, either in an ad hoc fashion or by defining them as being akin to your consiglieres.

Premium subscription

Earlier this year, Morin had raised the possibility of having a premium subscription model for the private social network. Today, that becomes a reality as Path begins taking steps in the direction of offering users what it hopes to be an outstanding subscription experience.

path premium 520x460 Path goes Pro: Introduces $14.99 premium subscription plan and new privacy controls to share moments

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