12 Dec 2013

Share Privately With Instagram Direct

Instagram is turning its successful photo and video-sharing service into a communication platform, with the introduction of private messaging. It’s called Instagram Direct, and will be available with version 5.0 of the mobile app, available for iOS and Android users today. A release date for the Windows Phone app, however, wasn’t disclosed.

Instagram has added a new icon in the top-right hand corner of the hoe screen, which will reveal an inbox full of photos and videos that other users have shared to you specifically. Furthermore, when you go to capture an image or clip with the camera button, you’ll see two new sharing options: Followers and Direct.

Direct allows you to specify particular Instagram users. It’s granular sharing, tailored to content that is personalized, and possibly sensitive in nature. Just select your friends, write a caption as before and hit ‘send’ to fire off a copy directly to their inbox.

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