13 Dec 2013

Where in the World Are Facebook's Developers

Facebook users come from all corners of the globe and, apparently, so do its third-party developers.

This new heat map from Facebook shows which countries around the world claim the most developers. The social network released the map on Tuesday at LeWeb, a global startup and tech conference in Paris, France.

The company considers a third-party developer to be anyone who incorporates the Facebook login into their app or builds with the company's software developer kits (SDKs) made available for iOS and Android, according to a company spokesperson.

Third party Facebook developers are not Facebook employees, but rather app developers who build Facebook functionality into their product. Apps that allow users to log in with their Facebook IDs or that post back to Facebook, like Words With Friends or Nike+, are examples of these kinds of partners.

Facebook wouldn't confirm the total number of developers in any given country, but with the exception of Greenland, much of Africa and the Middle East, it appears that Facebook's developers truly have taken over all corners of the globe. In the United States alone, there are 20 cities with 1,000 or more developers.

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