9 Jan 2014

Polaroid's New Camera Is Like A Real Life Instagram

It was a bizarre turn of events when the brand new app Instagram repurposed the nostalgia-tinged look of an older company like Polaroid.

But even weirder is that Polaroid’s new camera, the Socialmatic, flips that scheme and reverses it. Their latest camera, revealed live in living plastic at CES, carries the same curved edges and color scheme of Instagram's icon. Turnabout's fair play?

Hey, it gets the point across. Almost at first sight, you know this camera will print your photos instantly and awash in an appropriately faded filter (just like we do it on the internets!). Two-by-three-inch photos that double as stickers, to be precise. It’s a bit gimmicky, but who cares? This is not a camera for a National Geographic photographer; it’s a cool toy to whip out at parties or family events, a portable, compact photobooth all on its own.

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