5 Mar 2014

Roku Debuts New $50 Streaming Stick

Roku has just announced a new streaming device that is clearly aimed at competing with the highly-popular Google Chromecast and the like. It’s called the Roku Streaming Stick, and it’ll run you $49.99.

Oh, the Streaming Stick already exists? True. Roku first unveiled their Streaming Stick back in 2012. At the time is cost $100 and plugged into the MHL port of “Roku ready” TVs–not exactly all that appealing to many in the market for a cheap, easy streaming device. It didn’t even come with a remote. The new Roku Stick, apart from its much-lower price tag (the old one still costs $69.99), but it also plugs into your HDMI port. It comes with the classic Roku remote as well.

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