17 Apr 2014

Twitter Launches Mobile App Promotion Suite

By Chris Crum at WebProNews:  

As expected, Twitter announced the launch of a new mobile app promotion suite, enabling app developers to use mobile app-install ads on Twitter, and throughout the MoPub Marketplace, which spans over a billion Android and iOS devices.

The suite is in the beta testing phase, but includes tools for targeting, creative, and measurement. Partners so far include Spotify, HotelTonight, Kabam, SeatGeek, GREE, GetTaxi, and Deezer. It’s entirely possible that you’ve already seen ads from them.

“Advertisers can now set up campaigns directly on ads.twitter.com to run across the Twitter Publisher Network, which is comprised of the thousands of apps and over 1 billion monthly devices the MoPub mobile advertising exchange reaches,” says product manager Kelton Lynn. “Advertising campaigns run across the Twitter Publisher Network are automatically translated into programmatic bids on the MoPub exchange, on a level playing field with MoPub’s existing DSP partners. This is now available to U.S. advertisers in a private beta. Combined with the targeting and measurement features in the mobile app promotion suite, this affords advertisers the ability to easily run on-Twitter app promotion via Promoted Tweets, while simultaneously running off-Twitter advertising via the MoPub Marketplace.”

“We are excited to offer new ways for marketers and developers to drive mobile app installs and app engagements, using Twitter Cards and Promoted Tweets on Twitter, and leveraging the scale of MoPub and the Twitter Publisher Network across the rest of the mobile ecosystem,” Lynn adds. “This is the first of many opportunities to join Twitter and MoPub to create a large-scale, rich and well-targeted advertising platform — one that provides high ROI for marketers, and a great experience for users.”

Expect Twitter to announce plenty more different ad types. A recent report indicated that they had fifteen lined up.

Data fro Resolution Media found that Twitter’s ads consistently drive higher click-through rates than Facebook’s.

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