25 Oct 2011

Wikipedia and Social Media Marketing Techniques for Websites

Social Media on the internet is a vast platform, and is being used rampantly as a social platform, to share news and views, comments and likes, and other discussions. Anyone with no regard to age sex or community, even borders can participate in such social discussions and networking. Journalism has also undergone a significant transformation in the way it shares stories and news.
Wikipedia is one of the most commonly used social media platform. The journalists of today’s era are using Wikipedia mostly to get a glance of top stories and news; to get new contacts and new forums. This does not only signal a new age for social media but also a new creed of journalists who believe that socially altered news and views are valuable objects of news. This is particularly true in the case of journalists belonging to the UK.
The Wikipedia is also on the road to launch a “Love” button by the week coming up. This will allow users to appreciate stories by using the love button, thereby sending virtual beer, cats and more. This feature is supposed to be called WikiLove, this feature seeks to reinforce positive affirmations amongst users. Thus amidst likes, dislike, share and comment, Love is going to be the rage on social media platform, the prelude being taken on by the most popular social media channel – Wikipedia.
The WikiLove feature is a simple one that puts up a heart icon on the user page, clicking it will display a menu that will allow users to send a virtual gift and a crisp piece of note. Another remarkable feature will be the option to create new gifts apart from kittens and beer.
The company explains this innovativeness as am urge towards quality as well as reliability; thus the development of such sophisticated tools aiding users to socialize various conventions. Every act needs appreciation and reinforcement if it is acceptable. Thus reinforcing good work with barn stars and badges, sending across appreciation with beer and kittens, has hailed the social media world. The ultimate destination which social media in general is seeking to achieve is not far now, where the world communicates and interacts, on one common platform – the World Wide Web.
The Wikipedia in just few years has emerged as one of the most popular websites. This social media website has grown up to be predominantly positive and neutral source of reliable information.

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